It seems like you aren't a music legend these days unless you have your own biographical film. Variety has reported that rock legend Van Morrison (born George Ivan Morrison) had been compiling material for a documentary about his life and career, but the production has stalled. In talking about the idea, Morrison said, "I have all this material collected and I realized we weren't getting past 1968. We were really squeezing everything in. It was getting very complicated and I realized, 'I need someone to collaborate with,' so I just put it all aside for now."

Morrison also spoke about his relationship with the movies over the years and some of the great and not-so-great uses of his music -- Julia Roberts trying on silly hats to the strains of Brown-Eyed Girl comes immediately to mind. Morrison is pretty protective of his music and still likes to watch a clip of the film that wants to use one of his songs; saying, "when top directors ask to use one of your songs. If Neil Jordan wants to use a song, you can be pretty sure he's going to use it appropriately and he's going to be sensitive to the material." The interview comes on the heels of the release of Morrison's soundtrack compilation Van Morrison at the Movies: The Soundtrack Hits. So until Van Morrison finds a collaborator for his own biopic, we'll have to settle for hearing his music in other films.
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