There's nothing more painful to watch than bad improv. The schtick just lies there on the screen, sweaty and desperate -- and the fact that the footage even made it into the final cut makes one realize how dire the excised material must have been. It's both annoying and ironic to see a formerly funny TV series gets its big break on the silver screen -- and then trot out some of the lamest material imaginable. Basically, if Reno 911! Miami had been my very first introduction to the concept and characters, there's no way in hell you'd ever get me to sit down and watch the TV show.

Fortunately I am a big fan of the TV series (well, the first two seasons, anyway) so you can trust me when I tell you that Reno 911! Miami is nothing more than three D-minus episodes strung together, set in Florida, and packing the half-dozen F-bombs and naked boobs that the R rating requires. (Because, really, without the raunchy dialogue and a little nakedness, what would separate this movie from the TV series?) Perhaps it's just that the "goofy cops" routine has more than run its course by now -- or maybe it's just that the Reno 911! ensemble has simply run out of steam. Compare season one of the TV series to what's on display in this really terrible movie and you'll get a clear indication of what I'm talking about.