After gracing the world with such cinematic gems as See No Evil ($15 million domestic haul, 8% Tomatometer) and The Marine ($19 million, 22% TM), WWE Films doesn't seem to be slowing down one bit. And who knows? Perhaps their third production, The Condemned, will keep the trend going. Do I smell a $22 million payout and a 24% approval rating!?

Sticking with the action stuff for a second time, WWE presents Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones in The Condemned, and after watching this brand-new trailer, I'm wondering how many times we can be offered this concept: Ten brutal convicts are dropped on a distant island and forced to kill one another while a bunch of rich jerks enjoy the carnage via live video feeds. Actor-turned-director Scott Wiper is at the helm for The Condemned, working from a screenplay by Rob Hedden -- yes, the same Rob Hedden who directed Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan.

I pretty much loathed See No Evil, but found The Marine to be a mindlessly watchable action-fest, so maybe this new flick will be more of the same. I'm certainly not expecting a good movie, but if it's at least a fun-bad movie, that's good enough for me. (We are talking about "World Wrestling Films" releases, right?) Guess we'll find out on April 27. Plus c'mon: The poster tagline is "10 people will fight. 9 will die. You get to watch." How hilarious is that?