Is this the recipe for a half-decent horror flick? Luke Wilson: OK, sure. Kate Beckinsale: Yes, absolutely. Frank Whaley as a psycho? Definitely. English-language debut from the guy who directed Kontroll? I'm down. A deserted motel that houses a horrific band of snuff film-makers who lock their guests in and film all the terror? Yes, sign me up right now.

Vacancy was hardly on my radar at all before I enjoyed this brand-new theatrical trailer, and now it most certainly is. (It looks a bit like Identity, which is fine because that's a very cool movie.) Written by first-timer Mark Smith and directed by second-timer Nimrod Antal, Vacancy kinda looks like it could be a sleeper hit -- with the horror fans, anyway. Vacancy also looks like it'll have to take on a lot of competition when it opens on April 20; that's the day we're scheduled to receive Hot Fuzz, Pathfinder, Rogue, Severance, The Tripper, Kickin' It Old Skool, In the Land of Women and The Nanny Diaries.