During an interview promoting 300-- on which he served as executive producer -- Frank Miller told Sci Fi Wire that Sin City 2 is on schedule and he's hoping production will begin this Spring. "The script is largely done, and now we're in that limbo zone where we're casting and making script adjustments as we go." Miller, of course, wrote and drew the graphic novels upon which the first Sin Cityfilm was based, and he co-directed with Robert Rodriguez. In light of all the talk about the production being in trouble (though Miller discounted such tales back in November), this is certainly good news.

The new film will be based on A Dame To Kill For, which is the second of the Sin City graphic novels and a prequel to The Long Goodbye, which was the basis for the section of the first film that featured Mickey Rourke as Marv. The rest of Sin City 2 will be based on "a couple of old stories and one brand-new one," Miller said. "The old ones are a couple of 'Blue Eyes' stories, and there's an 'Old Town Girls' story, and the new one features Nancy Callahan [Jessica Alba] in a very different, very scary role. I'm hoping we'll start in late spring. It gets pretty hot in Austin, so there might be a summer's interruption there, but both Robert and I really want to be shooting this thing as soon as possible."
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