There's no question that Kevin Smith knows how to work a room -- he's even making you wait for it these days. Smith showed up almost twenty minutes late for his Saturday solo question-and-answer session at NYComicCon, but still arrived to roaring applause and a long line of question-askers. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the audience members who lined up to ask questions had anything cogent to say -- in fact, most of them could be broken down into three distinct categories -- the person who tries to turn a question into a three-hour conversation, the person who tries out-funny Kevin Smith, and the person who asks "I heard you don't like XYZ -- how come?" There were a few lightbulbs on out there, however, and Smith was able to quickly give out some details about his upcoming slate of projects, which you can read about right here. Soon after that, he was defending his supposed anti-Transformers stance, from Clerks II. "I don't have a lot of hate for the Transformers, either. It's just kind of an easy target to make fun of," Smith began.

"It was a generational gap to kind of exploit. Randall would be my age, probably, and I was not a Transformers guy. Those were cartoons that came out after my time -- I was in high-school at that point and way too cool to watch cartoons. I don't miss cartoons where nobody died and shit like that, like Transformers and G.I. Joe. G.I. Joe -- it's a war with no stakes whatsoever, just a lot of property destruction." A clever questioner next tried to get Smith to comment on the Ryan Phillippe/Reese Witherspoon break-up (Smith is enemies with Witherspoon over some incident from the days of Overnight Delivery) and Smith jokingly responded by talking up some rumor he heard that the break-up may have sprung from a sex tape circulating that shows Phillippe engaging in "twink-like" behavior and being a "party bottom." When asked what comics he's been reading lately, the only book he could come up with was The Watchmen, which is of course on the fast-track to a big-screen adaptation.

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