We recently brought you news of a shocking new poster for Hostel: Part II that would be unveiled at NYComicCon over the weekend. Since Hostel-activities weren't my beat, I didn't have a chance to see the poster and wasn't exactly looking for it, and quite frankly, forgot all about it until it started turning up on websites over the weekend. It's pretty much what we were told to expect -- it shows star Bijou Phillips standing nude and carrying the dismembered head like it's a football or something. It's an appropriately creepy poster and churns the stomach a little -- both explicitly sexual and gore-tastic at the same time.

If you're a Hostel fanatic and you want to know absolutely everything that is going on inside director Eli Roth's head at the moment, be sure to check out Erik's roundtable discussion with Roth, posted yesterday -- it's one of our many on-the-scene reports from NYComicCon this year. In it, Roth talks about why he wanted to return to the Hostel series and whether or not there will be a Hostel III in our future. Okay, I'll go ahead and spoil that one for you -- he says that if this one makes money, then there could be another one. Big surprise.