Nic Cage in Ghost Rider

If any of y'all raced out to see this year's Oscar contenders before winners were announced on Sunday, it was hardly reflected in box office receipts. Of course three of the five Best Picture candidates – The Departed, Babeland Little Miss Sunshine – are already available on DVD, but audiences were clearly not as into digesting masterful turns by Oscar King (Forest Whitaker) and Queen (Helen Mirren) as they were getting a look at Nicolas Cage's skull on fire.

Here's what our box office queen Patricia predicted would finish atop the charts:

1. Ghost Rider
2. The Number 23
3. Bridge to Terabithia
4. Reno 911! Miami
5. Norbit

And here's the actual top 5 for the weekend:

1. Ghost Rider - $19.7 million
2. The Number 23 - $15.1 million
3. Bridge to Terabithia - $13.6 million
4. Reno 911!: Miami - $10.4 million
5. Norbit - $9.7 million

Get the full box-office report here.

Gold star, Patricia! But the fact that you finalized your predictions by spending two days locked in a closet, mumbling to yourself while circling the 23rd word on the 23rd page of the last 23 issues of Variety freaks me out a little, to be honest. Jim Carrey's critically trashed psycho-thriller The Number 23 earned a modest $15 M as the weekend's biggest opener, admirable for February standards but underwhelming for Carrey fare. It couldn't eclipse last week's champ, Ghost Rider, which has now grossed an impressive $78.7 million. The kiddie flick Bridge to Terabithia fell one spot to third, and while it's not quite grossing Narnia numbers, it should stick around the top 10 for another month or so. Fans of the Comedy Central show Reno 911! helped win its big-screen version the fourth spot, despite generally negative reviews (undeservedly, if I must say so myself). And then there's Norbit, which raised its total to $74.7 million and will eventually pass Dreamgirls. Think this critical dud had anything to do with Eddie Murphy's Oscar loss?