Okay... I really like Jake Gyllenhaal. Donnie Darko lathered me in angsty, pensive love, while Bubble Boy gave me Danny Trejo mixed with Jake in cute underoos. Aside from a questionable foray with Kirsten Dunst, talk of dressing room sex and his straight-to-DVD Highway, he's been on a solid trajectory upwards. Apparently, I'm not the only one who has noticed. MSNBC has released an article about him as "one actor who has done (nearly) everything right."

Now, this article isn't just a salad of Gyllenhaal love, but it holds solid, scientific techniques behind it -- writer Patrick Enright went to Google. It seems that if you Google "I hate X" versus "I love X," you can get a solid indication of one's popularity. Scientological horror Tom Cruise gets a measly .05, Ben Affleck was a much more respectable 12.5 and Heath Ledger got a whopping 90. But what of Mr. Gyllenhaal? He got 8,410 "love" results and 3 "hate" results. Three. If the man is ever interested in working in a different field, he might want to become a counsellor to the messed-up masses in Hollywood.

The article attributes this to two main factors. First, Jake doesn't slide into one type of role and lather it on until it sticks like glue. He's thrown his hat into so many features, tackling everything from comedy to action, gay cowboys to straight army men and number-crunching to serial killing. While I must admit that I love his Donnie/Bubble years the most, he has given many solid performances. Secondly, he keeps people guessing on his personal life. While he's no Jodie Foster, he's kept us wondering. He's avoided Maggie's political sh*t-storm, and he's shown us that he's human without going over the top in any area. Sure, he got a little drunk at the Oscars last year, but there were no bathroom dalliances, rampant party reports or drunk-driving arrests and ignorant diatribes. I can only hope he continues to do so well, and that some others learn from his example.
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