We've been getting bits and pieces about the next Bond film going all the way back to last year, and the rumor mill has never left high gear. Our cousin-blog Autoblog has a new log to throw on the fire -- they received a tip from one of those ever so helpful unnamed sources that an Audi TT was spotted with a set of 007 plates. As the story goes, the source noticed that an Audi TT had been prepared for video shooting and a driver for the shoot confirmed that the car was being used in a "James Bond Commercial." Whether that means an actual promotion for a film, or just another way to trade off the Bond glamor to hawk a few extra cars, remains to be seen.

By now I think most Bond fans are resigned to change when it comes to their beloved super spy -- although at the risk of ticking off certain Bond fans, I never quite understood why a the idea of a "Blond Bond" caused such a fuss. We've had the demise of the Cold War villains, a decrease in bed-hopping antics, and in Casino Royale there was nary a gadget to be seen, except for the glovebox defibrillator. Is a different car really that big of a deal anymore? Since Bond 22 is a long way off, we might as well sit back, relax, and watch the gossip fly.

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