When I first read the title of I'll Bury You Tomorrow I thought, "at last, a horror movie for procrastinators." Actually, the title is fairly generic, having really nothing to do with the film itself, but if you have a passion for particularly twisted indie horror, then you might want to check this out. It's basically a tale of what happens when the paths of several very disturbed individuals cross at random. When Delores Finley (Zoe Daelman Chlanda) arrives by train in the small town of Port Oram, one can be forgiven for assuming she's a mousy librarian. She's a rather attractive woman sporting nerd glasses, making it pretty obvious there will be a "coming out" of sorts. She's actually come to town looking for work at the Beech Funeral Home.

Delores comes from a family of morticians, though the periodic flashes of something dreadful happening to her parents and the human remains in her luggage indicate it wasn't a healthy atmosphere in which to grow up. The Beeches are a creepy pair themselves. Percival Beech (Bill Corry) and his wife Nettie (Katherine O'Sullivan) lost their daughter Sharon several years earlier, though Nettie's mind refuses to acknowledge the fact. She keeps her daughter's room as it was, insisting that she is off traveling. Delores bears quite a resemblance to Sharon, and Nettie's unhinged mind views the young woman's arrival as her daughter's return.

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