If I had to describe last night's Oscar ceremony in one word, I'd have to go with 'predictable.' There were no real surprises, only a few minor "Oh, that was pretty cool" moments scattered amongst a slew of fairly boring, and fairly routine acceptance speeches. Judging by most of your comments, it seems the biggest snub came in the best supporting actor category when Eddie Murphy lost out to Alan Arkin. But c'mon, did you really think they were going to give one to Eddie? Heck, I was surpised Dreamgirls managed to score even two Oscars -- the whole best song part was laughable. Are we sure no one put a curse on Bill Condon?

And what about Scorsese? Are we happy about that? Granted, The Departed was far from his best work, but it was nice to see him have a chance up there at the mic ... even if he (and the rest of the cast) should have been up there at the end. Graham King standing by himself on stage to end the show was pretty -- how shall I say -- pathetic. If Little Miss Sunshine won, half the theater would have been on that stage. But, did the Oscars get anything right? Ellen played it safe, but she didn't "Letterman" bomb. The rolling shadow-dancing was pretty cool, albeit a bit annoying early on. They let the acceptance speeches for the major awards go without bringing up the music. Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly made the night with their little song and dance routine. Leo looked good, Jack looked bald and no one mentioned Anna Nicole Smith ... thank God.

So, I ask you: What were your favorite (and least favorite) highlights from last night's Oscar ceremony?