For those of you who didn't get a chance to check out our coverage of New York's ComicCon, below you'll find some of the highlights; click through to read the full posts:

The Hills Have Breakfast -- The Lucky Ones Eat First (Wes Craven was on hand for an early breakfast to promote The Hills Have Eyes 2.)

Wes Craven: "I guess it's a way of looking at a concept that you're really not safe any place. Because none of us are. You could be in the most protected home and have a sibling snap or have some terrible disease spring up within your own body, or get run over by a Mercedes and have a high-class death. It just has to do with we all have that working realization that whatever sense of safety we have can be shattered in an instant. I've always been interested in looking locally for those things."

Stephen King Talks Dark Tower Comic, Feature Film Plans, Duma Key, Next Straub Book, Van Accident (A ton of people flooded the Stephen King panel to hear the novelist talk up Marvel's Dark Tower comic book series.)

Stephen King: "And I know J.J. Abrams work and Damon Lindelof, his collaborator on Lost. David is just a total comic-book freak and loves The Dark Tower. He likes those books and I trust those guys, cause they've got a lot on the ball. So, when they said 'We'd like to talk about doing this,' I said 'You know what? Why don't you option this and see if you can develop it.' And they said 'How much do you want for an option?' And I said 'nineteen dollars.' And that's what they paid me, and that's where it is."

Kevin Smith Talks Superhero Death Wish, Joel Siegel Feud, Superman Returns' Logic Problems, Ryan Phillippe Rumors (Kevin Smith showed up to bash Superman and announce his plans to shoot back-to-back films next year.)

From Ryan's write-up: "According to Smith, the logic problems occur if you accept Bryan Singer's premise -- that Superman Returns picks up where the second film leaves off, with Superman having sex with Lois, then giving her an amnesia kiss and taking off to go find his relatives and whatnot. When Lois finds out her kid in Superman Returns can throw a piano, and is therefore Superman's kid, why is she not very surprised? She should have no memory of having sex with Superman, so when she visits him in the hospital, shouldn't her first question to him be -- Smith's words -- "When did you rape me?"

Eli Roth Talks Tarantino, Hostel II, The Cell, The 'Splat Pack' and Hostel III Possibility (Writer-director Eli Roth was all amped up to talk everything from Grindhouse to this summer's Hostel: Part II.)

Eli Roth: "Right after I finished Hostel, I asked Guillermo del Toro if I should do a big budget or a low budget movie next. So he just goes (in his best del Toro accent): 'Whatever gives you the biggest boner man. You've got to wake up with a f**kin' rager, because if you don't have a boner you can't work.' And I thought, 'He's right.' You have to be that excited about the project you're doing ... and that was Hostel II."

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