If you listen to ABC, Ellen DeGeneres was a fantastic host. She played by the rules, didn't go out of her way to insult anyone, delivered safe, non-controversial jokes and held her own on Hollywood's biggest stage. But did she do a good enough job to be asked back? I'm not going to rag on Ellen because I don't think she bombed, but it's easy for me to say there was definitely something missing; a spark, perhaps? She's not the type for big, musical numbers -- hence the bit with Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly. Now, that was funny. That was entertaining. That was what we needed more of last night.

Which leads me to my next question: Would the Oscars benefit from multiple hosts? It would certainly mix things up a bit; two people working off one another (and the audience) could open up a whole new world of content. For now, however, let's work under the assumption that the Academy will continue to choose one person each year to host the Oscars. Who should they be throwing up there, and what should that person have in their repertoire? Was it the lack of Ellen's singing and dancing that bored you? Was it the jokes? And if it was the jokes, what elements would you have added to make them funnier? If you want my opinion, next year they have to put Jerry Seinfeld up there. His short bit was one of the best of the night; he took cheap shots at the movie theaters, but they were funny, relevant and you couldn't help but laugh. He's the everyman comedian; maybe that's what the Oscars need. So how did Ellen do? Rate her from 1 to 10.