If you want to have a really nice lunch today, all you have to do is head over to a Los Angeles shelter, where the homeless people are snacking on smoked salmon with caviar, gold-dusted chocolate Oscar statues and imported French truffles -- all left over from last night's Governor's Ball. Over 1,600 nominees, winners and movie business executives dined on spiny Shanghai lobster and other delicacies, and after they were done, the leftovers were donated to the homeless. "I would be sick if I would see this great food going to waste," Wolfgang Puck is quoted as saying. "I'm happy to make a little more because I know where the leftovers are going."

Before the food can be sent to a shelter, it has to be picked through for poppy seeds or alcohol seasoning, because the opiates and liquor could cause issues for homeless people with drug and alcohol problems -- isn't Hollywood thoughtful? Actually, most of the credit belongs to Angel Harvest, a non-profit organization that picks up unused food from showbiz events like this one and doles it out to different soup kitchens and shelters. Angel Harvest reports that movie-related events are often completely free of leftovers, if Harvey Weinstein has been an attendee. Okay, I made that last part up.