Following last night's triumphant Oscar win, Martin Scorsese was asked (among many things) about that rumored Departed sequel ... or prequel. On whether or not he feels it's going to happen, Scorsese noted, "It depends on the script." A script, mind you, that is supposedly being written right now by Departed scribe William Monahan. Well, that's if you listen to Mark Wahlberg; the guy has been running his mouth off as of late, really pushing for this sequel (and prequel) to happen. But should it? Personally, I've watched The Departed twice so far, and enjoyed it so much more the second time. In fact, I loved this film and I'm in the camp that believes it deserved its Oscar for best picture.

With that said, a sequel scares the crap out of me. On Robert De Niro's possible participation in a sequel, Scorsese said, "That would be a good idea." According to Wahlberg, the idea is to have De Niro play a high-ranking Senator or Congressman who finds himself all wrapped up in the conspiracy. Sounds interesting enough, but name me a best picture winner whose sequel was just as good (or better) than the original? Wahlberg's character was fun and all, but you can't expect him to carry an entire picture. Not much depth there. And who wants to see a political thriller after the gritty, urban drama that was The Departed? Will it make a ton of money? Yes. But, do you want to see it become a reality?

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