• Elliott Baker(1922-2007) - Screenwriter and novelist who wrote the source and the script for A Fine Madness. He also wrote the screenplays for Breakout, Luv and Viva Max! He died of cancer February 9, in Los Angeles. (NY Times)
  • P. Bhaskaran(1924-2007) - Indian filmmaker and lyricist. He died February 25. (Monsters & Critics)
  • Janet Blair(1921-2007) - Actress (pictured) who starred in Night of the Eagle, Boys' Night Out and opposite Cary Grant in Once Upon a Time. She died of complications from pneumonia February 19, in Santa Monica, California. (AP)
  • Alicia Bruzzo(1955-2007) - Argentine actress who appears in A Shadow You Soon Will Be, De Mi Barrio con Amor, La Isla and the documentary El Che. She died of lung cancer February 13, in Buenos Aires (Variety)
  • Luther G. Buchheim(1918-2007) - German author of the autobiographical WWII novel Das Boot, which was adapted into the Wolfgang Petersen film. He died of heart failure February 22, in Germany. (Washington Post)
  • Leonard Gaines(1922-2007) - Actor who appears in Scent of a Woman, Rocky II and The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension. He was also an executive producer of Going in Style. He passed away February 15, in West Hollywood. (LA Times)
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