After the whole 300 debacle in Berlin, I'm trying hard not to get too hyped up about a film anymore. Sure, there's stuff I'm looking forward to -- and then stuff I'm really looking forward to -- but I need to check myself and not let the anticipation consume me. Last time I tapped into my spring anticipation meter, there were four films racing to the top: 300, Grindhouse, Hot Fuzz and Danny Boyle's Sunshine. Unfortunately (and I just realized this now as I was writing), Sunshine's release date has once again been pushed back ... all the way to the fall of 2007. Ugh. WTF?

Since we now have a good FIVE months before Sunshine hits theaters, that should leave plenty of time for Fox Searchlight to promote the heck out of it ... starting with a brand new clip from the film which you can check out right this very second. I'm not exactly sure how this scene fits in, but I do know a group of people are watching Mercury pass by the sun, as a pretty Boyle-esque score quietly captivates us and the pic's main characters (although I don't think they can hear the music). In Sunshine, a group of astronauts are sent to revive the sun after the lights go out and Earth begins to freeze over. Director Boyle has successfully given us a zombie flick, a beach flick, a druggie flick and a kids flick -- how will he fare with a sci-fi flick? Based on the trailer, this one looks like a keeper. Now, if they could only change their minds and switch that US release date from fall 2007 to, like, tomorrow.