Aside from a few big, feature films like Deep Impact and Rules of Engagement, Blair Underwood has always been a man of television. He was one of the stars of L.A. Law, and more recently he was the sultry doctor that Miranda dumped for Steve on Sex and the City (she was just plain crazy!). Along with another television show, In Treatment, Underwood is about to make his directorial feature debut with an indie drama called The Bridge to Nowhere. And this isn't a film about that Alaskan bridge, nor is it a family book-to-film adaptation about a little seventh-grader named Hallie.

Instead, his debut is about hookers. Coming from a script by Chris Gutierrez, Bridge will detail the rise and fall of a group of blue-collar men who decide to team up with a destitute prostitute to whip up a high-priced escort service. So, basically we're talking about American Summer without the mirth. Do we really need another film about prostitution? We're already up to our ears in female sex workers. At the very least, they could change it to male workers to mix things up a bit. Anyhow, with lensing beginning next month in Pittsburgh, Underwood also has a star in notorious tough guy and Mission: Impossible III star, Ving Rhames. I can't say that I'm surprised.
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