If you search "Star Wars" on YouTube, you get around 36,700 results. There's that wacky kid who wields a metal pole like a bad-%ss, someone playing the theme music on a banjo and a ton of other spoofs and re-creations. But amidst the throng of typical fanboy fare, there lies a Star Wars series -- a Vader one to be exact. If you haven't come across this on YouTube or MySpace, a duo in Madison Wisconsin have become a hit on the popular sites due to their Chad Vader spoof short films.

Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan have created the story of Darth Vader's little brother, Chad, who works as a grocery store manager. The response to the internet show has been so positive that they've both quit their jobs to negotiate a deal with a large media company, and their work is even being compared to Wisconsin's last huge satire phenomenon -- The Onion. They've also got a guest appearance by Madison's mayor, Dave Cieslewicz, in one of their episodes, racked up millions of hits on the media websites, had their 4th episode debut on Good Morning America and the younger Vader will be one of the top 40 Internet superstars in a special on VH1.

But what of the episodes in particular? They're funny, run-of-the-mill spoofs. It helps a lot that Sloan does a spot-on Vader impersonation (that has led him to be hired by LucasArts to voice a new videogame), and that Yonda dons an impressive $600 Vader suit to act as Chad. You see, the poor, younger brother had a freak bicycle accident and like his elder sibling, he cannot take off this life-protecting suit. The episodes come in easy-to-digest, 5-minute episodes, and it is entertaining enough just to listen to their acoustic version of the Imperial March -- which is aptly slightly pathetic instead of powerful. While the show is not a Yavin hand achievement, it's worth a view or two.
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