Theodore Sturgeon, speculative fiction writer and visionary, once formulated a "Revelation": "90% of everything is crud," though "crap" seems to be the word he was groping for. Cruel, maybe. And frankly, does the half-good, the good-in-spots, or the really-bad-with-a-couple-of-redeeming-moments counts as crap? And the 9 out of 10 ratio means a lot of mulch for the talented 10%...I mean, in this 90 percent are plenty of examples of what not to do, or what could be done better. However, there are 7 genres that are just so consistently low standards that Sturgeon's Revelation seems like blatant optimism. I'm tempted to use the above as one genre example -- the title card from John McNaughton's 1994 movie comes from the ever-reliable -- but there were all more frequent offenders that didn't even have the benefit of catfights and shower scenes:
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