With only one day off to enjoy their huge Oscar win, it seems some of the folks involved with The Departed are ready to re-team and get back to work. Not on a Departed sequel, mind you, but on another Hong Kong remake created by the same folks (Alan Mak, Andrew Lau and Felix Chong) behind Infernal Affairs. (I assume the idea is to just follow these guys around for next few years since everything they touch seems to turn to Oscar gold.)

Warner Bros. acquired the rights to Confessions of Pain, and tapped Departed scribe (and Oscar winner) William Monahan to pen the script. Leonardo DiCaprio will produce via his Appian Way and potentially star in the pic. Story follows a police detective and a private detective (both good friends) who team up to investigate the murder of the cop's father-in-law. From there, I take it, things unravel and people die. The original film was only released last year. I shall assume the debate will begin all over again; which film was better: the original or the remake? For those that have seen both Infernal Affairs and Confessions of Pain, which film did you enjoy more? And, is it possible for the latter to be more successful that its Oscar-winning older sibling?

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