Before there was Uma Thurman dressed in head-to-toe yellow, there was Foxy Brown, the tough lady we all know and love. But in the 1970's, there was also a tough chica fighting across the ocean in Japan -- Female Convict Scorpion. Starring Kaji Meiko, the collection of four films detailed the lover of a bad cop who is falsely accused of a crime and sent to prison. The movie was full of sleaze and ultraviolence. Sound familiar? That's probably because one of Meiko's other, similarly themed films -- Lady Snowblood -- was an inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.

Ryuhanji is now reporting that Mizuno Miki has signed on to take over Meiko's shoes in an adaptation that merges Hong Kong kung-fu with wire-assisted action sequences. According to the site, Miki has not only spent time at an action training school, but she also studied Shorinji Kenpo (a martial art that uses aspects of Zen Buddhism) as a child. Basically, the girl knows how to fight and is ready to show us. The film will be directed by Joe Ma, and co-star Dylan Kuo as Miki's double-crossing copy boyfriend, as well as Ishibashi Ryo (The Grudge 2) and Natsume Nana. Since the cast is a collection of Hong Kong and Taiwanese actors, the dialogue will be tri-lingual -- shot in Cantonese, Japanese and English. The movie is currently filming in Hong Kong, and is set for a release there in late 2008.

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