If you were holding out any hope at all that the next sequel to the Indiana Jones series wouldn't happen, I think it's time you start getting used to the idea of another installment. Fox411 is saying that a date for the fourth installment has been picked -- June 18. Granted, we still have over 3 months until production begins, so anything could happen, but I think the sequel is definitely penned in, if not set in stone. However, it might be a piece that contains only Harrison Ford, since not one extra cast member has gone beyond the rumor stage -- Natalie Portman, Shia LeBeouf, Sean Connery, John Rhys-Davies and Karen Allen.

Maybe that's all it will be -- the sixty-something actor stuck in a nursing home. Sitting there, Indy flings his whip at nurses, a victim of an inevitable injury during one of his zany adventures. He rues over his predicament and thinks back to all that he's experienced over the years. Probably and hopefully not, but I think the success of this film will depend on the cast. Can there be a sequel without the names that have made it such a hit? The film can't rest on Ford's enthusiasm (with the adamant belief that he can do all of the stunts of his younger days). There's some strong talent like Janusz Kaminiski, as Ryan reported, and a script by David Koepp, but we need Connery to commit and wipe away the unfortunate end to his feature career -- The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ... And it would be nice to get a morsel or two of solid information to appease our qualms.

[via Rope of Silicon]
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