The Oscar wins for The Departed stand to benefit not only the DVD sales/rental of that movie, but perhaps also American interest in the movie on which it was based: the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs. What, you didn't know that the Best Picture Oscar winner was a remake? Infernal Affairs was a box-office success in Hong Kong and was followed up by both a sequel and a prequel, which has caused a lot of speculation about potential sequels for The Departed.

However, the two directors of Infernal Affairs differ in their opinions about the success of the American remake. Andrew Lau sounds pleased with the awards for The Departed, especially since director Martin Scorsese mentioned Lau in his speech after winning Best Director. Lau calls Scorsese "my hero" and hopes to meet him during a trip to the U.S. next month to discuss potential Hollywood projects. Admittedly, if Lau is thinking of working in Hollywood, having his name associated even indirectly with this year's Best Picture winner can only help.

On the other hand, Infernal Affairs co-director and co-writer Alan Mak was not so lavish in his praise. According to a South China Morning Post article, he issued a press release after the Oscars saying he was honored by his connection to the award. However, in an interview for the same article, he complained about The Departed, calling it disappointing. On the one hand, Mak said The Departed was too close to its original source, and jokes that "in that case, I'm of course happy, because it is like Infernal Affairs winning an Oscar." On the other hand, he didn't like the changes The Departed made from the original ending. It sounds like Scorsese and writer William Monahan weren't going to please Mak no matter what they did. Too bad, because Monahan is working on another remake based on a Mak film, Confessions of Pain.

[via IndieWIRE and Butterboom]
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