Even though his latest, Daddy's Little Girls, didn't bash open the box office door quite like his Madea-related pics, that's not stopping Lionsgate from putting a lot of faith in Tyler Perry's magic hands. Obviously, there's an audience there -- his plays have been very successful -- and so we should expect at least two more Tyler Perry flicks coming from Lionsgate; the first being Why Did I Get Married?

With production set to begin in just a few weeks, Perry has somehow snagged Janet Jackson to star opposite himself, along with Sharon Leal and Jill Scott. Pic will mark Jackson's first time back on the big screen since 2000's Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, and only her third film-related role. The good news for Perry fans is that he will be back in front of the camera, but not as his famous Madea character. Instead, the story focuses on a group of married couples who take an annual "let's examine our marriages" trip. But, when one of the wives brings a young, sexy gal into the mix, all hell breaks loose.

Apparently, Lionsgate was pressuring Perry to include his Madea character in Why Did I Get Married?, even though she wasn't in the play. (Could it be that one character equals an extra $20 million at the box office?) However, with Janet Jackson in there, I'm sure the studio will make their money ... assuming they find a quiet (read: dead) weekend to open this sucker up. For you Perry fans out there: Is it Madea that draws you, or are you down for anything that has Perry's stamp on it?

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