What happened to Andie MacDowell? While she was never the absolute IT girl, she used to have a pretty solid, in-the-spotlight career -- after the success of Sex, Lies, and Videotape she nabbed big, starring roles in movies like Groundhog Day and Four Weddings and a Funeral. However, with the end of the 90's came the end of news about Andie. Many of her top co-stars continue to have solid careers, but Ms. MacDowell has floated under the spotlight. In fact, most of her roles these days are in made-for-television movies. Artistically, things are starting to look up, so maybe this will springboard her back into the mainstream, like Secretary did for her Videotape co-star, James Spader.

Variety has brought word that she's signed on, along with Jennifer Tilly, for the third in Irish filmmaker Mary McGuckian's series of improvised, "amorality" satires on popular culture. Both actresses also starred in the director's recently-finished Intervention, which is about a celebrity rehab clinic in New Mexico. Now they're both stepping to the plate for Art in Las Vegas. Before you form an assumption on the content -- the film is not about gambling or art, but about the test-tube baby industry. How that merges with the sparkling city of lights and art, I have no idea. I've found some BBC links where McGuckian has talked about her series, and she describes the third as being "set in the film industry." Either the scope has changed since that 2005 interview, or there's a lot more to the movie then they're letting on.

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