Dueling projects should be no problem. They happen so frequently, in fact, that this is the second time today we have a post about them. But since there's often a loser among each pair of competing projects (think Infamous, Wyatt Earp, First Daughter), it is important to be the first film released. Therefore things can get pretty cutthroat, as in the court case of Madonna's Maverick Films versus Inferno Distribution. We've already told you about Maverick's version of the Stanford Prison Experiment (titled, appropriately, The Stanford Prison Experiment), but it seems Inferno also has a movie about the infamous psychological prison tests.

Apparently the competition got ugly when Inferno dishonestly acquired confidential info about Maverick's version. Maverick sued Inferno in October. Then Inferno counter-sued in December. Now a judge has ordered the two parties to enter into a mediation to settle things up. If the production companies can't reach an agreement, the case will go to trial next January. Continuing problems between the two projects could very well end badly for both, as sometimes there are in fact two losers among a pair of competing projects. Fifteen years ago there was some legal dispute between the makers of 1492: Conquest of Paradise and Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, and neither film performed well. And considering there has already been a film based on the Stanford Prison Experiment, audiences could very well ignore two more.

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