Chewy movie morsels for Tuesday:
  • Nick Films has decided to go back to one of the oldies but goodies of classic children's entertainment: the unicorn. With producer John Jacobs, the company has nabbed rights to Joe Aucoin's fantasy comedy spec, which is simply named ... Unicorn. The tale is about a single, over-worked father in Manhattan whose 5-year-old daughter really wants one of those fantastical creatures of her own. That's great and all, but are unicorns really the way to reach the kids these days? Let's just hope they don't widen appeal by placing pictures of them on the seat of sweatpants.
  • Recently, Scott Weinberg brought us word that David Cronenberg, Howard Shore and Placido Domingo were going to adapt The Fly into an opera. Now, we've got rumors by way of Film-Ick that the non-Cronenberg movie remake is gearing up. According to the Canadian director, Nicolas Cage is itching to be in it. He reportedly told E!: "From what I hear, Nic Cage wants the part." Sure, the Jeff Goldblum hit was a remake itself, but do we really need to re-visit the topic every 20-30 years?
  • After his crappy, crappy love-collaboration, Swept Away, Guy Ritchie has not only directed Revolver, but is gearing up for an ABC crime series, Suspect. Yes, another one, but to be extra-super different, this one looks at all of the suspects in a crime. Variety has now reported that Carrie-Anne Moss will play a "smart, plain-speaking cop" in the drama, joining Charles S. Dutton, Michael Ealy and Kathleen Munroe. Is Moss taking this role for some extra cash? Her career is still going strong, although I'm sure that her recent roles don't bring in half the money that The Matrix brought her.
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