Some people always seem to think that Hollywood's run out of ideas, but I disagree. For example, I just watched a brand-new trailer for a comedy about a 22-year-old blind guy who goes on dates but is still a virgin! I mean, that's pretty original, isn't it? Blind guy? Dating? Virgin? Eh? Anyone?

From first-time screenwriter Christopher Theo and solid actor turned bad director James Keach, Blind Dating (and the whole concept is right there in the title) stars Chris Pine, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Harland Williams and a humiliated Jane Seymour. The Samuel Goldwyn folks are planning to get this one into limited release on May 11, but I say just save the money you'd spend on prints and invest it in another movie that's not A) a blatant ripoff of other "virgin" comedies or B) focused on jokes in which blind people walk face-first into doors.