Simpsons creator Matt Groening recently sat down with Crave Online to discuss everything Simpsons, while also dishing a little bit of dirt on that tiny, minuscule movie coming out this summer. (Wait, there's a Simpsons movie? Do tell!) Though he didn't divulge too much information, he did note that we'll finally find out which state the Simpsons live in ... by way of a joke. However, Groening adds "Remember, I said joke." One of the great things about a feature-length film is that there's enough room for you to not get tied down to one character; Groening admitted the pic will focus on the entire family, instead of, say, only Homer.

But what about the good stuff? Will there be cursing, nudity -- will Bart crack someone over the head with his skateboard, then shove the broken pieces of wood down some pour soul's throat? Okay, we won't go that far, but those Simpsons freaks have definitely included a few things you won't see on the TV show. Says Groening, "You'll see more of The Simpsons than you really should see and probably things, people you don't want to see. Whoever you don't want to see naked on The Simpsons, you know that's who you're going to see. Sorry about Marge." Um, am I the only one who wouldn't mind seeing a little bit more of Marge? Then again, should I be even remotely excited about seeing an animated character naked? Will the FBI start tracking me now? For more with Groening (including his favorite Simpsons episode and lots of Futurama talk), head on over to Crave Online. The Simpsons Movie hits theaters on July 27.

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