Odds are, you haven't seen Terry Gilliam's dark tale, Tideland. The film had a brief and unfortunate festival turn peppered by audience walkouts and critical panning. The film, which is preceded by a black-and-white of Gilliam telling his audience that some will love the film and some will hate it, but asking them to give it a chance. Our own Jeff Anderson, who admits to watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas once a year, just for fun, found the film's subject matter, especially the exploration of sexuality around a young girl, too harsh to give the film an unqualified recommendation. Jette Kernion, in her review, said of the film, "But in its own unlovable way, the movie is an unforgettable experience."

If you have seen the film, feel free to weigh in down in the comments with your own thoughts on the film. If you weren't one of the folks who got a chance to catch the film at a fest, now's your chance to see it -- it's just been released on DVD. You can listen to excerpts from the DVD's commentary track over on Dreams, the Terry Gilliam fansite, where they also report that Gilliam has just finished his latest script, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, with writing partner Charles McKeown. Mckeown previously collaborated with Gilliam on The Adventures of Baron Munchasen and worked on the shooting script of Brazil.
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