The director behind Trainspotting, A Life Less Ordinary, 28 Days Later, and the upcoming Sunshine, has now locked onto a new project -- Ponte Tower, a thriller set in one of the tallest buildings in Africa. The building, which was constructed near the end of South Africa's apartheid era, began its life as a luxury high-rise and then degenerated into a hollowed-out haven for drug dealers and their ilk. Michael Thomas, scripter behind Backbeat, is adapting the screenplay from the novel by Norman Ohler, about a girl who moves into the tower at the end of the apartheid era and comes in contact with a charismatic druglord.

Boyle will be developing the project, which has garnered funding from the U.K. Film Council's Development Fund, along with Moonlighting Films out of Johannesburg. In other Danny Boyle news, a new poster for the director's upcoming sci-fi film is now online. Sunshine was originally scheduled for a March 16 release in the U.S., but has now been pushed back until later in the year. 28 Weeks Later, a sequel to the hit 2002 zombies-overrun-Britain-pic he directed, is also scheduled for release in May of this year. Boyle isn't directing, but has a producing credit.

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