If you're a big fan of documentary film, chances are, you've heard of Hot Docs. If you haven't, you should. An annual documentary festival held in Toronto, it is the largest in North America. This year, the festival will screen over 100 films from more than 20 countries during its run from April 19-29. Unlike TIFF, which screens films at the large, ritzy theaters and leading cinemas, Hot Docs is more intimate. The venues are smaller, nestled in places like the Royal Ontario Museum and the JCC, as well as a few historic theaters, like the 2-story Bloor Cinema.

The festival has released its initial list of participating features, and they've got a little bit of everything under the following categories: Doc the Vote!, International Spectrum, World Showcase, Spotlight on Central & Eastern Europe, Made in Brazil, Special Presentations and two special retrospectives for Kevin McMahon and Heddy Honigmann. While some of the more buzz-frenzy films are not on the list thus far, like Zoo, there are two docs that Cinematical reviewed earlier this year for Sundance -- check out James Rocchi's review of Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, and Kim Voynar's review of No End in Sight. The first-round list of films can be found here, and we'll be sure to keep you updated as more documentaries are added to the roster.

[via The Documentary Blog]
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