A very bizarre mystery novel by Cosmopolitan's deputy editor, John Searles, is going to be adapted into a feature film -- Strange but True. Why is it so strange? The novel opens with a young woman named Melissa Moody, who has gone to her ex-boyfriend's family's house to tell them that she is pregnant with their son's child. The twist: both of them were in a bad car accident 5 years earlier, after their prom, and Ronnie had died. All of these years later, she is now miraculously, supposedly pregnant with his child. While his family is skeptical, they wish it to be true and go about trying to solve the mystery.

Was it a turkey baster? Is he secretly alive? Is the child the second coming? The Strange script was adapted by the novelist himself, and the project is once again teaming GreeneStreet Films with two-time Oscar-nominated producer Ross Katz. (Who produced two of Sofia Coppola's films -- Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette.) This will be the third collaboration for the team. First, they brought us Todd Field's In the Bedroom, which grabbed Katz his first Academy nomination. Now they are currently working on Adverbs, based on the collection of stories by Lemony Snicket scribe, Daniel Handler, as Jessica Barnes told us about in November. There is no one attached to star in the feature yet -- do you have any suggestions?
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