There's a mysterious high school-based feature film a-brewing. Almost no plot details are being released although a lot of behind-the-scenes information is, so I wonder if they're trying to cook up buzz for the film, or if they this feature is going to be so good that they don't want to give it away yet. Perhaps the Breakfast Club for the new millennium? (Not likely...) Or, maybe the script's plot isn't finalized...but then who would be interested enough to nab it at an auction? I don't know, but New Line just won the auction for the untitled comedy pitch, which comes from Bringing Down the House scribe, Jason Filardi -- $750,000 against $1.5 million.

The feature will be produced by choreographer-turned-director Adam Shankman, who just directed the Hairspray remake, and his production partner Jennifer Gibgot. The film, which is so specifically described as "a broad comedy in a high school setting," has no director attached, but it does have a star. Yes, while the pitch is yet to be written, the plot yet to be shared, a director yet to be found, they've already got their leading man in Zac Efron. The twenty-year-old actor was the star of High School Musical, he's getting ready to star in the sequel and he just wrapped production as Link Larkin (originally played by Elvis look-alike Michael St. Gerard) in the Shankman's Hairspray.
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