Here's some bites for hump day Wednesday:
  • We're only 4 months and 1 day away from the release of the next Die Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard. While a poster isn't quite as exciting as flying cars and exploding helicopters, it's a pretty good representation of what we love about franchise -- Bruce Willis looking tough, dirty and resilient in the face of chaos. While a small version is on the right, you can click here for the larger version, which was posted on a Russian website.
  • While Die Hard is wrapping up and waiting release, production is gearing up on The Mummy 3. Last week, I reported that the sequel will deal with Alex O'Connell as a young man, and that Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh might star. While no further casting news has been released, SneakPeek has stated that the sequel to the popular Brandon Fraser series will shoot in Montreal, at the Cité du Cinéma studio. (It is the same effects house that re-created ancient Sparta for 300.) According to the site, this news has been confirmed by the head of the Quebec Film and Television Council.
  • Although Lucy Liu made a name for herself on Ally McBeal, her tough-girl stints in Charlie's Angels were enough to send her up and into cinematic circles. However, her latest films -- Domino, Lucky Number Slevin and Code Name: The Cleaner, aren't quite box-office smashes. So, it's no wonder that Film Ick has reported that she's going to head back to television and take on one of the starring roles in the upcoming pilot, Cashmere Mafia. Coming from Bring It On and The Break-Up director Peyton Reed, Liu will most likely play one of the lead executives.
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