It might be the last day of February, but it is time to start gearing up for Christmas. Just yesterday, I saw a man dressed as Santa, hoping to raise money from cold pedestrians. Now Paramount Pictures and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura have begun to think about where Jolly Saint Nick came from. They have optioned Tony Abbot's children's novel, Kringle. But this isn't the tale of Saint Nicholas of Myra giving gifts to the poor, or Odin filling boots with straw, carrots or sugar. Nor is it about any of the legends that have monsters eating children, or lovely tales of beatings and disembowelment.

Abbot's tale is a fantastical one. As a kid, Kris lives in a dark wood with an old woman named Merwen. On the longest day of every year, goblins come to steal and enslave children. The boy escapes, but his guardian is captured, so he goes on a journey to find her, battling evil along the way with the help of elves. Considering all of the legends that really did bring Santa and all of the Christmas customs, I kind of wish Paramount had decided to explore one of those -- without the gore, of course.

An interesting pair of writers are coming together to pen the adaptation -- the director of Chicken Little, Mark Dindal, and Bad Company scribe, Jason Richman. It will be live-action family adventure, full of warriors, battles and fairies, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Kringle-ized. There is no further word on cast, or when production will start, so I imagine the earliest that you can expect this feature is Christmas of 2008, but more likely 2009.
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