Whether you are a fan of the Shrek franchise or not, you can't deny that the fairy tale satires are some of the more successful animated films in recent history (I've always enjoyed a good fairy tale subversion, so I've been a fan of the series in spite of their flaws). That success might have sealed the deal for Shrek writer Joe Stillman's latest script. Variety reports that Handmade Films International and Madrid's Ilion Animation Studios are on board to finance Stillman's Planet One, a CGI sci-fi comedy.

The film is the story of an alien world whose idyllic 50's-style civilization (right down to interstellar drive-ins and malt shops) is thrown into upheaval with the arrival of a human astronaut who crash-lands on their planet. Directed by Jorge Blanco (lead artist for the Commandos video game series), the production is set to start this May and they are already eying the family-friendly release dates of either Christmas 2008 or Easter 2009. Also on board to produce is former Nickelodeon head of TV and film production Albie Hecht and already there are plans for a video game and a promotion for mobile phone networks as tie-ins for the film. Shrek The Third opens this May, so until they see the box office receipts; Handmade is going to have to go on faith that Stillman's script is worth Planet One's $50 million price tag.
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