Not that it's a classic by any means, but the original Weekend at Bernie's is one of those films you can't help but laugh at (and with). Chock-full of physical comedy (as well as Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman in their "prime"), Bernie's was popular enough to warrant a very bad sequel which officially put an end to the trials and tribulations of our lovable duo and their best friend, a corpse. But now, Moviehole tells us a Weekend at Bernie'sremake is very much in the works, with Ashok Amritraj and Jon Jashni producing for Hyde Park and MGM.

Next Weekend at Bernies will follow the same storyline as the first flick, except it will be set at a ski lodge instead of a beach house. Oh, I can almost see it now: Bernie's dead body somehow slips and slides down the slopes, while our two main characters (who also happen to be horrible skiers) attempt to strap on the snowboards and chase after him. Someone crashes into a tree -- there's a ski instructor who smells something fishy going on -- and all we have to look forward to is a five-second McCarthy/Silverman cameo. Is it just me, or is this the perfect project for Freddy Prinze Jr. and Sean William Scott?

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