We've been back and forth on this a few times, but now it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger might be appearing in the next Terminator flick after all. Empire tells us (via The Boston Herald) that MGM chairman Harry Sloan recently spoke about the (much-anticipated?) sequel and alluded to a certain aspect of Ahnold's contract that states he's required to appear in a fourth film. So, will he or won't he be back?

Here's what we know for sure: The script is done for Terminator 4, and if director Jonathan Mostow still plans to hit that (summer?) 2008 targeted release, then production on the flick should begin soon. While Nick Stahl is rumored to be playing John Connor, we still don't know for sure who will star ... but we do know it won't be Arnold. Can a new Terminator flick be successful with, well, the Terminator we all know and love appearing in only a cameo role, if that? And what kind of cameo would this be? A "killed off in the first scene" cameo or a "make you smile right before the end credits role" cameo? For me, the more important question is who do you get to replace The Man? The Rock?

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