Get it? "Check out?" Cuz it's a horror about a motel where ... Oh, never mind. Click on over to Fangoria for your first peek at the retro-style one-sheet for Nimrod Antal'sVacancy, which stars Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale as a clueless couple who end up at the wrong roadside motel. Well, it's the wrong motel for anyone who doesn't enjoying watching and/or being in underground snuff films.

Seems like just last week that I knew nothing about this flick aside from the title, the director and the cast, but in the past seven days we've received a theatrical trailer, the new poster, and an official website (which currently doesn't offer a whole heckuva lot). The nifty-looking thriller opens wide on April 20, which will put it up against a dozen new releases (some wide, some limited) like Pathfinder, Kickin' It Old Skool, The Nanny Diaries, Severance, The Tripper, In the Land of the Women and Hot Fuzz. (Sounds like a good weekend for a triple feature.)
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