I remember the first time I heard of Abel Ferrara. Well, it wasn't him so much as his movie, Bad Lieutenant. I was in high school, and my friend came into school one morning traumatized. She had just seen her first instance of on-screen junk by means of full-frontal Harvey Keitel. But that's Mr. Ferrara for you -- he's the man who also has Nine Lives of a Wet Pussy(Cat) under his belt. It seems that he's quite taken with the city, since he's gearing up for another Italian film after just wrapping the comedy Go-Go Tales, which Chris Ullrich posted about last November.

Variety is now reporting that he is set to shoot a $4 million mob noir film based on an Italian best-seller by Giuseppe Ferrandino, Pericle il Nero -- which translates into Pericles the Black Man. According to Umberto Massa, the film's producer, it will revisit Bad Lieutenant in a Neapolitan setting. The producer also says of the film: "The cop, who works for a Naples Camorra crime syndicate boss, is a very disturbed man who sometimes sodomizes his victims." Lovely, eh? As for the rest, it's up in the air. Not only has casting not been decided (other than that it will feature US and Italian stars), but they haven't figured out which language they want to film it in. Since they plan to start shooting in September, I'm assuming they'll figure it all out soon enough.
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