If there is one thing that's for sure, Ethan Hawke increasingly loves dramas that take place in, or deal with the tribulations of, New York City. Let's look at the list -- The Velocity of Gary, Joe the King, Hamlet, Tape, The Jimmy Show, Chelsea Walls, Before Sunset, The Hottest State, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and Tonight at Noon. That's 10 out of the last 18 films he has either starred or appeared in (the last two are in post-production). According to Production Weekly, Hawke is going to make it 11 out of 19 with the upcoming indie drama Staten Island.

The script for the film was written by James DeMonaco, which will also be his directorial debut. This isn't the first collaboration with the actor -- he recently penned Hawke's Assault on Precinct 13 -- one of the films not in NYC. The movie is a collection of intersecting stories between three residents of Staten Island and how they struggle to get ahead. Hawke will topline the feature, which presumably means that he'll be one of the 3 Statenites. Considering the fact that DeMonaco's recent features have been crime and horror based (The Negotiator, Assault and Skinwalkers), I'm sure we can expect the usual melange of troubled souls drowning in bad choices. The movie will begin filming late next month.
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