Here are some Indie bites as we gear up for the weekend:
  • In 2005 Robert Cort Productions had nabbed Nowhere in Africa Oscar-winner Caroline Link to make her English-language debut with Aftermath. Now it is gearing up once again, but with Constantin Film and Bavaria -- and they have dropped the English. Im Winter Ein Jahr, as it is now called, will star German actors such as Hanns Zischler and Corinna Harfouch. According to Variety, the film is an adaptation of Scott Campbell's Aftermath, but I can find no reference to the novel, other than that it was to be published in 2005 (did it ever get published?). According to the original reports, the film is about a renowned artist who is commissioned to paint the portrait of a young dancer, and must uncover her darkest secrets. Now, it's supposed to be about a family grieving over the the death of their teenage son in an accident. I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine!
  • Now that he's got Inland Empire finished and screened, David Lynch has his most comprehensive art show to date taking place in Paris from this Saturday until May 27. The exhibition is called "The Air is On Fire," and it includes not only his paintings and photographs, but also many doodles on everything from Post-it notes to Bob's Big Boy napkins. It's an impressive collection that dates back to his years in high school. As Lynch describes it, his art is "an intuitive journey." That's for sure. While it might not be easy to head to Paris for the show, you can always check out Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch, which shows some of Lynch's interesting work with decomposing pieces and ants.
  • If you like to look around YouTube, you might have seen the video that The Science of Sleep director Michel Gondry posted of himself solving a Rubick's Cube with his feet. It was later debunked, and now the kooky director and Partizan Entertainment have released another video -- where he solves a smaller cube with his nose. It is cute, and is worth the 20-second diversion.
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