Jennifer HudsonEveryone I talk to is disappointed with the way the Oscars turned out. Everyone either complains that they were too boring or that there were too many train wrecks on the red carpet. I have one friend who was dissing what the woman who was up for most original song was wearing. A composer? You're dissing a composer? That's not fair. That person never meant to be seen by mllions of people. So I don't know if I've gone soft. or if the last few awards shows have been soooo bad that my standards have been lowered, but I actually enjoyed the Oscars.

But before I go into who I liked and why (and on the subject of what's fair) I want to talk about something I think might have a profound impact on Hollywood if it were implemented. I want to suggest that the person responsible for the outfit stand on the carpet next to the outfit ... now if the celebrities chose to go out on a limb and dress themselves then they should stand alone (like criminals choosing to represent themselves in court), but in most cases I think the stylists should stand up and take the claim or blame for what they have created. And knowing a lot of stylists personally, I can tell you that what you will find is two things: 1) hopefully being held responsible will cause that person to do their job objectively and maybe produce less train wrecks on the red carpet and 2) that most stylists don't know how to dress themselves. It would really be interesting. And then that is who we should talk to when we talk about what their celebrity is wearing. Can you imagine?

[To Jennifer Hudson's stylist] "So what did you choose to put Jennifer in tonight, one of the biggest nights of her life ... the apex of her Cinderella story ... the crowning event that should change her career path and life forever?"
[Stylist] Well I went to the floor at Macy's and picked up a turd brown dress by Oscar De La Renta with pockets in it.
[Interviewer] Why turd brown?
[Stylist] We like earth tones
[Interviewer] Why the pockets?
[Stylist] Not sure ... I thought Jennifer might need a practical place to keep her acceptance speech. Or maybe a pen to sign autographs with. Or gum, or credit cards, or something. What if her hands get cold?
[Interviewer] OK ... good looking out (wink) And what is she wearing on top? Is that a silver or gold python cropped mini jacket/shrug that doesn't seem to fit?
[Stylist] Yes, well ... we wanted Ms. Hudson to have some edge and glamour ... you know ... be current, and push the fashion envelope a little.
[Interviewer] Hmm .... it looks like something from the Jetsons cartoon
[Stylist] I see your point....well look at animation today ... the Jetsons were ahead of their time.
[Interviewer] The proportion is all wrong, the fabrication is cheap, and I think that matching it with that brown dress is a bad idea.
[Stylist] Well she can take it off when she gets inside.