This is my third post this week on dueling projects. I could say something about bad things coming in threes, but that just doesn't make sense when discussing competing pairs. Plus, dueling projects are not necessarily a bad thing. For instance, the latest is that two separate sequels to L.A. Confidential may be in the works. Sounds pretty good to me.

We told you about one of the sequels, an adaptation of James Ellroy's White Jazz starring George Clooney, back in October. Now, TMZ has word that another film, which won't be an adaptation of any source, is also being planned. This one will supposedly feature the cast (Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce, specifically) as well as the writer and the director (Brian Helgeland and Curtis Hanson, respectively) of L.A. Confidential and will pick up where that film's story left off.

Considering White Jazz should have little to do with the characters from L.A. Confidential, there is no reason both projects can't exist. Surely there will be some protest from Warner Bros., the studio that released the original film and is releasing, through Warner Independent, White Jazz. The more direct sequel from Hanson will be set up at 20th Century Fox. Regency Enterprises, which produced the original film and which was formerly based at Warner and is now based at Fox, presumably still owns the rights to the L.A. Confidential characters.
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