The 2003 horror flick Wrong Turn pretty much came and went without much in the way of praise, hatred or attention in general. But Rob Schmidt's "woodbound mutants" chiller really does get better with repeat viewings, which is the only reason I'm even half-interested in Fox's upcoming Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. Intended for a direct-to-video release some time later this year, the sequel promises something I've wanted to see for years: Raving monster-men devouring the contestants of a reality TV show! (Check out the new (and NSFW) trailer over at Bloody-Disgusting.)

The director (Joe Lynch) might be a first-timer, but he's got help from screenwriters Turi Meyer and Al Septien, the duo who gave you Leprechaun 2 and Candyman 3 -- horror sequel masters if ever there was a pair. The cast is also well-steeped in the realm of horror: Leading lady Erica Leerhsen caught a brutal demise in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Henry Rollins recently slogged through Feast, Texas Battle got sliced up in Final Destination 3, Daniella Alonso will soon be seen in The Hills Have Eyes 2, and Ken Kirzinger ... well heck, he played Jason Voorhees!