Everyone has a secret celebrity boyfriend or girlfriend -- you know, that celeb you're allowed to cheat on your significant other with, just in case you happen to run into him or her at your local cafe. (Yes, we all saw that episode of Friends, too. And Entourage.) Full disclosure: My first celebrity crush was John Cusack. I used to dream that he'd move in next door to me, and we'd be best friends, and then ... a little bit more. Ahem. What can I say? I was a teenager, newly in love with The Sure Thing. And Cusack, of course.

Then I grew up, and got over my Cusack crush (mostly) -- but my fantasy infatuations didn't end. My point is, here at Cinematical and Moviefone, we're just like everybody else. We've got needs. Celebrity needs. So in the interest of revealing a little bit more about ourselves, we're sharing our own celebrity crushes with you. Take a look at the celebs who make us swoon, from big stars like George Clooney and Uma Thurman to lesser-known actors like Emily Watson and Nathan Fillion. Then join in the conversation and tell us: Who's your secret celebrity crush, and why? We'll take our favorites and publish them in two weeks. C'mon, we spilled our guts; now it's your turn. We won't judge. Much.

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