Has anyone else noticed how Rob Zombie's fake Grindhouse trailer is getting more press than any of the others? I've heard relatively little about the fake previews from Eli Roth (with the exception of Erik's ComicCon report) and Edgar Wright. Granted, a title like Werewolf Women of the SS is a real eye-catcher, as are the three new pictures recently posted to Zombie's Myspace page (click on the link that says "View My: Pics" and you will be prompted to log-in) which you can also see at Bloody Disgusting.

Sadly, there are no shots of Nicolas Cage as Fu Manchu yet, which I'm betting we won't see until opening night, and no sign yet of the titular lady lycanthropes. There is, however, a shot of the director's wife Sherri Moon-Zombie wearing latex lingerie, see-through plastic, and nazi regalia while showing off her talent with a bullwhip. I'm no history expert, but I'm fairly certain this was not standard issue for soldiers of the third reich. Historical inaccuracies aside, the picture definitely recalls the grindhouse classic Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, which is obviously Zombie's inspiration. You can also see Udo Kier as a nazi officer, Bill Moseley as a nazi mad scientist, and I believe that's Tom Towles playing Hitler.

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